Digitalization goes to school-English

Digitalization goes to school

Our school is one of the five partners of the European Project “Digitalisation goes schools”. The project began in September 2019. The Applicant school is the Austrian one and the other partners are from Spain, Portugal and Croatia.The goal we want to reach is to improve our knowledge concerning virtual technology, to work out a virtual guide of the involved cyties. During the first year the mobility involved meetings in four countries. The first meeting was in Wolfsberg, Austria.

Mobility in Austria- November 2021

After having waited a long time due to the pandemic, our Institute has  taken part in the mobility to Austria, Wolfsberg, joining all partners once again the Erasmus Plus project “Digitalisation Goes Schools”, that we started two years ago. The meeting took place from 8th-12th of November at the HTL (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt). This time two students from the mechanic branch and two from informatic branch could learn more about robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and how to use software and programs like Blender  and Unity in order to create an application, concerning traditional dishes. Besides improving technical competences, the group has learnt a lot about Austrian culture and visited the capital town of Carinthia, Klagenfurt. Even the mayor of Wolfsberg has welcomed us in the townhall, telling us the history of the town and underlining the importance of cultural and professional exchangings, that have been going on over the years.  As the meeting was in English, the partecipants had to comunicate in English, improving their language competences. In conclusion here are some impressions of the students:

Liviu:  The trip was very illustrative from the point of view of learning in Austria, I was able to admire the great landscapes that Austria has been able to offer me. During the trip I felt a sensation of great change because many things are different compared to Italy, the food, the climate and the way people have to interact with us.

Călătoria a fost foarte ilustrativă din punct de vedere al învățării în Austria, am putut admira peisajele grozave pe care Austria mi-a putut oferi. În timpul călătoriei am simțit o senzație de mare schimbare pentru că multe lucruri sunt diferite în comparație cu Italia, mâncarea, clima și modul în care oamenii au să interacționeze cu noi.

Filippo: What I was impressed mostly by this experience was the comparison  with the same aged boys, with their different customs and habits from ours; another thing that I won’t certainly forget are the typical Austrian villages.

Alessandro 5i: First of all, this journey helped me to improve my english skills, because I got to talk with people from different countries (not only Austria).It showed me new things, concepts about Austria and I tried new flavours that I didn’t know.I also learnt how people in countries different from mine have a different way to behave.

Lorenzo 5A/B: Thanks to the E.U. we went to Austria to visit some cities and the equivalent of our school. The Goal was to improve our English and to meet different cultures. I think this project was very nice and useful.